Sunday, January 3, 2010

About Me And Squatch'n

Here's a little background info on me and some of my thoughts and feelings about the creatures known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and many other names. I always refer to these creatures as "Squatches". I call going out in the field and the investigating I and others do "Squatch'n".

From what I have learned and experienced I have no doubt that these creatures do exist. They do not need wilderness to live in, they do just fine in rural areas and have learned to live close to us but still be extremely elusive. This I have seen for myself. This blog is not to debate their existence it is for me to talk about and document some of my findings. This is more like a hobby for me and is supposed to be fun and it has been. I have met other people with the same interest and have made many new friends.

One thing that has been fun since I got into this is I have convinced some family and friends that these creatures do exist that did not feel that way before I presented them with some of the evidence I have found. There are also some folks that had firmly felt there is no such creature that are now wondering about the possibility they do exist. I also enjoy being outdoors, the hiking, exercise and stress relief I get when I am out Squatch'n.

I know that some people will think I am off a half a bubble and I have no problem with that. I think that the people that are positive that there is no such creature out there have not looked at the evidence well enough and educated themselves on the subject. I feel we are just around the corner from the time that the necessary scientific, positive proof that Squatches do exists will be released.

I am not a scientist and don't pretend to be one. There are a few scientist that do research these creatures and there are many individuals and groups that are not scientist but do use scientific methods in their research and make good contributions to the data base. I would not call myself a researcher, I am more of an investigator. My main goal started out to just collect some good evidence for myself  like some footprint cast, (kind of like a personal trophy) which I have done. Now my main goal is to have a sighting. I have come close to this a few times, I have been in close proximity to these creatures.

I will post some of my findings and observations made in the field and information from others that are researching these creatures. A lot of statements I will make will be just my theories based on what I've observed. A lot of things I might not be able to prove. Since these creatures are not supposed to exist to begin with then all our information on them is just considered theory by many. I will say what another researcher said as far as the evidence and the statements presented go, "Don't believe what I tell you, get out there and find out for yourself".

As far as what these creatures are classified as, I feel they are an ape but are the most highly evolved ape right after humans. From what is known about them they are bipedal like us and very probably have a form of language to communicate with each other. It is also known that at times they will move on all fours besides using a bipedal stance and they do spend time in trees like the lesser apes. It is also thought that they do not use fire in any way.  I think they are way more advanced than gorillas, chimps and the other apes and that they may be somewhere between us and the other apes.

An interesting thing about Squatches is that in August 2008 there was a Bigfoot hoax by two guys from Georgia and some other people. The hoax was that these two guys had found and froze an actual Bigfoot body. All the major news networks covered this when the hoax was revealed. One of the news network stations (can't remember which one) ran a pole pertaining to Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The question was, "Do you believe in the possibility that these creatures exist?". After so many thousands of responses to the pole the results came back that about 44% of the people said "yes" they believed these creatures could exist. I found this very interesting. I thought the percentage of yes answers would have been more like only 10% so this was a surprise to me.

That's it for this rant. My next post will be about if and when these creatures would be declared a new species and if that happens what about protecting them... do they need protection or are they better off just being considered a non existent animal so that they can go on living like they have been.

Happy Squatch'n
Bob / lowrider