Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone out there in Squatchland!!!

I wonder if the Squatches celebrate Christmas? j/k  Wish I new a place close to where some of  the Squatches I feed in the summer hole up in this weather. I'd leave em a bunch of food for Christmas. They won't take food where I normally leave it when there's snow on the ground... guess they're to smart about leaving tracks behind. Oh well, like my old Polish Grandma use to tell me... "What you can do".

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday.

Bob D / lowrider

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone out there in Squatchland!

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with family and friends and don't forget our friends that live out in the forest. If you know of a nearby place that has definite Squatch activity going on and you have more Thanksgiving leftovers than you know what to do with then maybe you can take some of that food out to the woods and leave in an area where you are pretty certain the Squatches will find it. What a great way to brake the ice with these guys and maybe start some interaction with them. Maybe gradually over a period of time we can gain more and more trust from these creatures and be able to observe them in their natural habitat someday without them trying to be as elusive as they have been.

I started out writing this statement as a joke, the part about leaving them food, but thinking about it maybe it isn't such a bad idea??? Oh will... Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone anyways. God bless all... Squatches too.

Bob D / lowrider

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scientific Proof Of Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Here is a link to an archived online radio show called Bigfoot Busters Radio from October 31st, 2010. The host are Tim Stover from NE Ohio and Chuck Prahl from Maryland.

This show discusses upcoming scientific evidence for proof of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. It's almost a a 2 hour show. The first hour the guest is David Paulides and the second hour is Dr. Melba Ketchum.

David Pualides heads North American Bigfoot Search which can be found here...

He has also authored two books on Bigfoot. One titled "The Hoopa Project" and the other is titled "Tribal Bigfoot. Both are recent books and I have read both and do recommend them for good info on Squatches. Both books are about his research on these creatures.

David Paulides has been able to collect some physical tissue samples purported to be from Sasquatches and has had the DNA tested by Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Here's a link to some background on Dr. Ketchum...

An interesting guest called in during the second half of the show. It was Adrian Erickson who has been doing Sasquatch research for the last five years with a team of people. It is called the Erickson Project and involves Sasquatch video and DNA. He discusses some of what he has found and when his findings will be released to the public.

Dr. Ketchum has done the DNA research on the tissue samples for both David Paulides and Adrian Erickson and says she has tested other samples from different people across the country. She is a wildlife biologist and states on the show that she has no doubt at all about the existence of these creatures... she doesn't have to see one, the proof for her is in the DNA.

Here is a link to a short video by Adrian Erickson about his up coming documentary on his Bigfoot research.

I found this radio show very interesting because they talk about DNA evidence, video evidence and touch on some things that I agree with about Squatches. One thing Adrian Erickson said twice during the program is that these things don't need protection. They do just fine out there in the woods with out us having to jump on the band wagon and making all kinds of regulations concerning them. One thing I do think is important though is that when the time comes when these creatures are declared a scientifically recognized species is that it be made a crime to harm one in any way or kill one. I feel this is the only kind of law that needs to be passed to protect them. Just let them live and roam the way the are now and have been for who knows how long.

Another interesting thing that was said on the show, I think it was by A.E. , is that the population density of Squatches is higher than that of  Black Bears. This I don't find surprising and feel the same way. I base this on what I see and have learned out in the field. I've always said that these creatures do not need wilderness to live in. They may do better in rural areas like we have here in NE Ohio than in a wilderness because of the availability of food resources. In NE Ohio much of the land is a patchwork large wood plots and farms, there are many orchards that grow all kinds of varieties of fruits and berries. There are thousands of ponds, lakes, marshes and swamps. We have thousand of acres of parks and other protected lands. Much of the lands along the rivers, creeks and streams are wooded and protected. These offer excellent corridors for anything to use to travel along and stay hidden under the cover of night.

So if you have time listen to the radio show I posted the link to at the top of this rant. While you are at it check out some of the other archived shows on Bigfoot Busters Radio. Tim and Chuck have done an excellent job of getting some interesting and will known guest lined up for their show.

Now don't forget... " Never go Squatch'n alone, always take a friend along, someone you know you can out run".


Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Of My Stuff

Here's a link to "The Bigfoot Field Reporter" blog by my friend Sharon Lee. Every once in a while I send her an email with pictures and a report on stuff I find while out in the field Squatch'n.

The pics are all from an area about 5 miles from home. It is all tree sign. I know there are those folks out there that do believe Bigfoot exist but do not think any of the tree sign that people report are done by Squatches. I am pretty confident that Squatches do create stick and tree limb structures. I haven't actually witnessed a Squatch making anything but I have good reasons to believe this. I will get into that later.

I've heard people say no one has ever witnessed a Sasquatch creating a structure and that all these pics of structure people present are either made by humans or are a result of the weather and mother nature. The only thing I can say to this is show me the proof just as you would like to see proof from those of us that believe in Squatches creating tree sign.

 I don't have time right now to get into this any further but I will be getting into it later with pictures and some discussion. I do feel confident enough about my belief in this that in the future, that is after scientific evidence does prove their existence, that studies will prove Sasquatches do create tree structure.

 There are 3 different groups of people I know of that have been working very hard, spending a lot of time and money, using scientific methods and working with scientist on gathering physical and visual evidence. It is nothing that can be done overnight but takes a long time and that is what these groups have been doing. The scientific evidence that will prove the existence of these creatures is coming and hopefully not too far away. It could come in the spring of 2011 from maybe 2 of the 3 groups. One group says it's info will take a little more time to prepare for proper presentation.

I am not a scientist and don't try to be one. I learn what I can and document interesting stuff I find with pictures and notes. I do what I can in hopes of increasing my chances of actually seeing one of these creatures myself. Here is a quote I like from a women in Florida that was lucky enough to have a sighting herself.

"I am a well-educated woman, a professional and like a logical explanation to seemingly unexplainable things. This is not a story I tell my friends or family. But it is one that plays itself repeatedly in my mind, and when I hear people scoff at the notion of a giant, hairy, bipedal animal roaming the rural parts of the country, I keep quiet and I feel a little sorry for them. To believe in only what you have seen yourself seems a poorer existence. I cannot name my experience on the road that day, but I am fortunate, in a way, to have witnessed something truly remarkable."

Here is the link to the above quote. Please read it. It is a very interesting report.

A couple years ago while talking to a fellow Squatcher I started talking about tree sign I have seen. He can care less about tree sign and is positive that they don't do this. He stopped me and said I should be careful about that subject when talking to others about Squatches. I asked him why and he said people would think I'm crazy. I looked at him and said "Are you kidding me? They already think I'm crazy because I believe Squatches exist". So what difference does it make?

Till next time... keep on Squatch'n


Friday, October 8, 2010

even more Bigfoot Ballyhoo

First I want to thank Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Like I said in my post about her blog on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 I recommend her blog for entertainment purposes only and the whole story has gotten even more entertaining!!!

Here is a link to a recent blog post of Autumn Williams. If you have been following the ongoing Saga of the blog known as Bigfoot Ballyhoo then you gotta read this.
Will done Autumn!

I agree with Autumn in this post about not making personal attacks on Linda and keeping things civil. I have nothing personal against her I'm just stating facts and posting some links. I do think after a while Linda will see it is feudal to continue her blog and just shut it down, but who knows, she seems pretty determined to convince everyone that things are on the level over there but what ever happens I wish the lady will.

UPDATE: I posted here a little while ago that Steve Kulls was going to have a show about Bigfoot Ballyhoo, that has been changed and the show will not be about that. I left the link up to his show for anyone interested in tuning in.
The Squatchdetective...

Here's a link to Steve's blog for his explanation about his change of mind.

Until next time everyone... Ballyhooooooo on!

Bob / lowrider

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

more Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Here are two links to other sites talking about what is going at Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

This is from Steve Kulls. He is a.k.a. The Squatchdetective.

This is from a blog by Autumn Williams from Oregon Bigfoot.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bigfoot Ballyhoo

On Friday, August 20, 2010 I posted about a blog called Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I said there were some interesting things going on over there and boy was I right... things have gotten real interesting!

I'm talking about the part about a guy named Bill Emery that allegedly has some clear Bigfoot game cam pics that are/were supposed to be posted on that site. A while back one of his supposed game cam pics of a Bigfoot was posted as a taste of what was supposed to come. It was a pic of a blobsquatch in front of a big tree stump. The pic was badly pixelated. They said it was a little fuzzy. It was pixelated not fuzzy... there's a difference. Fuzzy implies out of focus. Pixelation happens when you blow up a section of a pic for a closer look at something and once it gets blown up so big you start getting those little squares and lose detail. Another way you get pixelation in a pic is you can purposely pixelate a part of or a whole pic with a picture editing program. This is done to obscure detail.

This pic was worthless as far as BF evidence goes. It was just a badly pixelated blobsquatch, big disappointment. I thought the owner of the pic might have done the pixelation in it so others would be discouraged from using it on other BF websites but wasn't sure. The heavy pixelation had me wondering what was going on.

A few days ago another alleged BF game cam pic from Bill Emery was posted for another taste of what is to come... once again another heavily pixelated pic. Linda, owner of the blog, calls it fuzzy. What the heck is going on here???

I posted a question over there about why the pixelation in these pics but it was ignored. I have two game cams and have never had that problem.

Not long after this latest pic went up a blog follower sent Linda a pic of a screen capture from a 1977 Bigfoot horror movie. She posted it saying she had to do it "in all fairness" which she did because if she didn't post it I'm sure that it would have popped up somewhere else on the Internet. It turns out that the latest Bigfoot game cam pic and the shot from the old Bigfoot movie are the same thing. The alleged BF game cam pic was from the movie, it was just reversed and pixelated on purpose to help hide details… obviously hoaxed!

So there are two worthless BF pics over there now. Blog followers started writing in comments questioning everything going on over there and screaming "hoax".

I can't take anything serious over there. If anyone that reads my blog has been following Bigfoot Ballyhoo because of my post about it and feels they wasted their time I have to apologize… “Sorry I recommended the site”. I was never sure of anything there just called it “interesting”. Now I go over there to have a look for entertainment purposes only... like when I need a laugh. The blog owner is posting all kinds of excuses for the hoaxed pic and there are some pretty funny comments from the blog readers.

Linda has been claiming Bill Emery has 3 very clear game cam Bigfoot pics that he was going to eventually send to Linda and she would have exclusive rights to post them on her blog. How could he have any clear pics when the 2 pics he supposedly sent to her from his game cam she posted are so pixelated???

Linda now claims Bill Emery is upset about the comments about him and his team and circus like atmosphere that has developed on her blog and has changed his mind about giving her any more pics to post. How convenient! This Bill Emery is also supposed to have other BF evidence like scat, blood, hair and prints. He was going to have Linda post about all this once he got lab reports and everything in order... ya, right!

I never heard of Bill Emery or the other 2 guys he is allegedly working with on this Bigfoot evidence. If you have followed Bigfoot Ballyhoo then you would know Linda writes and sells fictional Bigfoot story books for children. From what I have read over there from the beginning to the present time I am wondering if the whole story and the characters involved are nothing but fiction. I'm not saying it is, I don't know for sure but with the recent shenanigans going on I wonder. Linda advertises her books for sale on her blog, which is her right, but she also makes money on the blog advertisements, which is also her right. The more hits on her blog the more money she makes... easy money.

Maybe it isn't Linda's fault. She might have been duped by someone. Maybe Bill Emery is a real person and he was duped like the excuse posted at Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Who knows but the truth will come out.

Like I said this is an interesting, ongoing story over there but I recommend it for entertainment purposes only.

Until next time, keep on Squatch'n,
Bob / lowrider

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Squatch Book Out_The Discovery of the Sasquatch by Dr. John Bindernagel

Finally another new book about Sasquatch/Bigfoot. It's "The Discovery of the Sasquatch by Dr. John Bindernagel". It was due to be out in June so it's a little late. I thought the price was a little steep but I ordered it anyway. I'll be posting a review on it once I'm done reading it.

Dr. Bindernagel is also the author of  "North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch", published in 1998. This I have and recommend if you don't have it.

Here's the link to the book...
Both books can be ordered at this link.

Until next time... Keep on Squatch'n.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ohio Bigfoot Program Featuring Dr Sarmiento

Here's a notice below from Stan Courtney's BF Forum about a BF program on Saturday September 11th in Lorain Ohio. This is Southwest of Cleveland. It's from 2 to 4pm and the guest speaker is Dr Esteban Sarmiento. Should be good... I'll be there.


Sponsored by the Ohio Bigfoot Organization. You've probably seen Dr. Sarmiento on various national TV shows concerning BF. DeWerth has been on local TV, possess a wealth of info on Ohio BF, and has been an investigator for a national BF research organization.

Can't beat the price!


THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT Saturday, September 11th, from 2-4 pm

Lorain County Metroparks-

Carlisle Reservation - Carlisle Visitor Center- 12882 Diagonal Road, LaGrange, Ohio 44050,

440-458-5121 (southwest of Cleveland, Ohio)

Join us for an extraordinary look into The Legend of Bigfoot hosted by the Ohio Bigfoot Organization.

Local Bigfoot enthusiast and long time Ohio Bigfoot Investigator Marc DeWerth touches on Bigfoot in our own backyard followed by special guest speaker Dr. Esteban Sarmiento

http://en.wikipedia....teban_Sarmiento who is a primatologist and functional anatomist for the American Museum of Natural History and takes a scientific approach on The Legend of Bigfoot! Dr. Sarmiento will be discussing the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film from an Anatomist's viewpoint and will break down the film and give his scientific opinion on the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Doors will open at 1:30 PM and the lectures are FREE to attend. For more information, contact Marc DeWerth at



Link too the notice as it is posted on Stan's Forum...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bigfoot Ballyhoo Blog and Bigfoot in Oregon

Here is a link to a blog that has some real interesting stuff going on... Bigfoot Ballyhoo

If you haven't seen this blog it is worth checking out. Two interesting things that they are talking about over there are...

1) There was supposedly a Sasquatch killed in Oregon around 1962 or 1963. It was crushed under a blown down Douglass Fir tree during a real bad storm with high winds on Columbus Day of the year it happened in. The body of the creature was discovered, the part of the tree it was under was removed, the body was photographed and then removed and taken someplace by the government never to be seen again. A lawyer is voluntarily working on getting any pics and documentation of this creature through the Freedom Of Information Act.

2) A guy named Bill Emery along with a couple of friends have very recently supposedly gotten 4 real good, clear game cam pics of a Sasquatch. They have also gathered other evidence. This Sasquatch is said to be around 9 feet tall, has one eye missing due to injury (possible gun shot wound), has been seen and harassed campers around Sru Lake Oregon.

I have been following this blog for a few months now. These are ongoing stories and more info is yet to come and will be posted at Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

As anyone knows that reads my blog I am not for these creatures being discovered and officially declared a new species by science. I do not want to see government trying to regulate these creatures and there lives but I know that this is going to happen sometime and if things pan out about what they are talking about over at Bigfoot Ballyhoo then that time is not too far off. The only law I would like to see passed for these creatures is that they cannot be harmed in anyway.

From my own personal experiences and what I have read and seen on TV I lean more towards these creatures being real close too human. In one recent book I read about Bigfoot/Sasquatches a man who has interacted with these creatures for some years described them as being like "wild humans". I kind of think this might be a very good description.

The book I am talking about is Enoch, A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams. For me it was an excellent read. Autumn does admit that she cannot give any solid proof that this story is true. The book is based on her correspondence with a man she calls Mike that has had interaction with a group of Squatches but mainly with an adult male he calls Enoch. From what I know of these creatures the story sounds like it could be true. All I can say about this story is that as time goes by that hopefully there will be some kind of good evidence brought forth that it is true. Like what's going on at Bigfoot Ballyhoo this is also an ongoing story with more info to come so stay tuned.

Happy Squatch'n everyone and remember... never go Squatch'n alone, always take a friend along... someone you know you can outrun!

Bob D/Lowrider  8/20/2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

With the living legend "Bob Gimlin" at the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference! What more can I say?


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Better Off Left Alone

This is a little something that relates to my last post regarding whether Bigfoot/Sasquatches need Government protection or not. Here's a quote from a recent BFRO sighting report...

Her later reaction to the sighting was a feeling that she had been a witness to something profound. She told me… ‘We are missing something extraordinary. But I also feel that it (the creature she witnessed) is better off left alone, to go on and live it’s own life’.
Read more:

I like this. This is what I stated in my last post as far as just leaving them alone to continue on in their existence as they have been. This is from BFRO report #27250.

This is an interesting report that involves a women seeing an adult Bigfoot at first and then it picks up and carries a young one that was at it's side but was obscured from the witnesses view by the tall grass. Here is another quote from the witness...
I am a well-educated woman, a professional and like a logical explanation to seemingly unexplainable things. This is not a story I tell my friends or family. But it is one that plays itself repeatedly in my mind,and when I hear people scoff at the notion of a giant, hairy, bipedal animal roaming the rural parts of the country, I keep quiet and I feel a little sorry for them. To believe in only what you have seen yourself seems a poorer existence. I cannot name my experience on the road that day, but I am fortunate, in a way, to have witnessed something truly remarkable.
On the other hand here is a link to a women in Oregon that is doing her best to have these creatures recognized as new primate species. She has dug up an old report of a Bigfoot body that was found in Oregon in 1962. It was killed by a large tree that was blown down in a wind storm and was later discovered.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo:

This women would like to dig up the original Government report on this creature and any remains of it that may be stored away and use this to have these creatures scientifically and legally recognized as a new species. I know her intentions are good but I hope she is not successful in anyway.

Who knows what will happen if they are declared a new species. Maybe the Government will say that these things can only live in certain areas in order to protect logging, mining and oil drilling business interest. So if something like this should happen maybe they would be rounded up and forced on to reserves set up for them and the ones that can't be rounded up might be killed off.

My message here is be cautious and think hard about it before you go and try to get the government involved in these creatures lives. Is it going to benefit them or have the opposite effect? I've read enough old accounts and reports to believe that the Government has known about these creatures for quite some time and has just covered it up in the interest of big business.

As long as the Government denies any knowledge of the existence of these creatures they are able to roam about and live where ever they want and I'm hoping it stays that way for them.

 Bob / lowrider

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do We Need Government Protection for Squatches?

When I first got interested in the subject of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot in the Fall of 2007 and started learning about them I was like most people that are into this and felt that solid evidence of their existence needed to be collected and presented so that they would be declared a new species by the scientific community and therefore would get protection from the Government. Since then the more I have learned and experienced out in the field my mind has changed on that thinking.

Now I feel it is best for Squatches if they just remained an undiscovered species that in most people’s minds isn’t supposed to exist and couldn't possibly exist. I’m happy with that. That way the Government won’t step in and start dictating where these creatures can and cannot live. This is what I’m afraid could possibly happen if the Government is forced to officially recognize them.

I am sure the Government has been aware of the existence of Squatches for quite a long time but for economic reasons has officially denied their existence. To protect these creatures may cost billions of dollars in mining, timber, and gas and oil drilling industries and I don’t think the Government is in the business of putting people out of business especially the way the US economy is now. Below is an article I recently found about business being relieved that the Sage Grouse won’t be listed as an endangered species in the Western US.

“CHEYENNE, Wyo. – An Interior Department announcement Friday that it won't list sage grouse as an endangered or threatened species opens the way for continued development of the West's wind energy and oil and gas industries.”

Read more:

Can you imagine the impact it would have if the Government had to give Sasquatches protection? The way things are now these creatures have complete freedom to live and roam about where ever they choose and that’s the way I feel it should be for them.

Unfortunately it is probably a only a matter of time when all the evidence needed to prove these creatures existence will be presented by one or more groups that have been out there gathering data. So I guess as much as I don’t want to see this happen it’s going to happen anyway.

Below is a recent interview with well known Sasquatch/Bigfoot researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and quote from it.

An interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum dated 3/10/10: A quote from the interview… "As a scientist I don't have the answers yet," Meldrum said in a phone interview Tuesday. But he hopes his research will be fruitful."I'm quite personally convinced there will be a new species of primate confirmed," he said.

Read more:

Dr. Meldrum says he doesn’t have the answers yet but is personally convinced there will be a new species of primate confirmed. I suspect that he made this statement because he has seen and heard of some of the good hard scientific evidence that is out there on these creatures.

Since I got into Squatch’n I have heard about different groups of researchers out there that have funding, have learned scientific techniques for evidence collecting and have been out in the field for some time gathering evidence. No one has come forward and released anything yet but it is going to happen someday. Whatever happens I just hope it doesn’t screw up the way these creatures live now. I hope things will stay the way they are for them… roaming free.

One thing is certain there is fame and fortune to be made by whomever comes up with the best proof of these creatures existence.

Bob /Lowrider  3/30/2010

Recent News about a Possible New Hominid Species Discovery in Siberia

Fossil finger points to new human species

DNA reveals prehistoric surprise

Ancient DNA from Siberia Hints at Previously Unknown Human Relative

Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia

I think this is a real interesting discovery. Nothing is conclusive yet and more DNA research is being done on this. It would be nice to eventually compare some of the unknown primate DNA that has been collected from different tissue sample sources in North America that are thought to be from Sasquatches. Maybe what they found in Siberia is related???

Bob / Lowrider  3/30/2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

About Me And Squatch'n

Here's a little background info on me and some of my thoughts and feelings about the creatures known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and many other names. I always refer to these creatures as "Squatches". I call going out in the field and the investigating I and others do "Squatch'n".

From what I have learned and experienced I have no doubt that these creatures do exist. They do not need wilderness to live in, they do just fine in rural areas and have learned to live close to us but still be extremely elusive. This I have seen for myself. This blog is not to debate their existence it is for me to talk about and document some of my findings. This is more like a hobby for me and is supposed to be fun and it has been. I have met other people with the same interest and have made many new friends.

One thing that has been fun since I got into this is I have convinced some family and friends that these creatures do exist that did not feel that way before I presented them with some of the evidence I have found. There are also some folks that had firmly felt there is no such creature that are now wondering about the possibility they do exist. I also enjoy being outdoors, the hiking, exercise and stress relief I get when I am out Squatch'n.

I know that some people will think I am off a half a bubble and I have no problem with that. I think that the people that are positive that there is no such creature out there have not looked at the evidence well enough and educated themselves on the subject. I feel we are just around the corner from the time that the necessary scientific, positive proof that Squatches do exists will be released.

I am not a scientist and don't pretend to be one. There are a few scientist that do research these creatures and there are many individuals and groups that are not scientist but do use scientific methods in their research and make good contributions to the data base. I would not call myself a researcher, I am more of an investigator. My main goal started out to just collect some good evidence for myself  like some footprint cast, (kind of like a personal trophy) which I have done. Now my main goal is to have a sighting. I have come close to this a few times, I have been in close proximity to these creatures.

I will post some of my findings and observations made in the field and information from others that are researching these creatures. A lot of statements I will make will be just my theories based on what I've observed. A lot of things I might not be able to prove. Since these creatures are not supposed to exist to begin with then all our information on them is just considered theory by many. I will say what another researcher said as far as the evidence and the statements presented go, "Don't believe what I tell you, get out there and find out for yourself".

As far as what these creatures are classified as, I feel they are an ape but are the most highly evolved ape right after humans. From what is known about them they are bipedal like us and very probably have a form of language to communicate with each other. It is also known that at times they will move on all fours besides using a bipedal stance and they do spend time in trees like the lesser apes. It is also thought that they do not use fire in any way.  I think they are way more advanced than gorillas, chimps and the other apes and that they may be somewhere between us and the other apes.

An interesting thing about Squatches is that in August 2008 there was a Bigfoot hoax by two guys from Georgia and some other people. The hoax was that these two guys had found and froze an actual Bigfoot body. All the major news networks covered this when the hoax was revealed. One of the news network stations (can't remember which one) ran a pole pertaining to Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The question was, "Do you believe in the possibility that these creatures exist?". After so many thousands of responses to the pole the results came back that about 44% of the people said "yes" they believed these creatures could exist. I found this very interesting. I thought the percentage of yes answers would have been more like only 10% so this was a surprise to me.

That's it for this rant. My next post will be about if and when these creatures would be declared a new species and if that happens what about protecting them... do they need protection or are they better off just being considered a non existent animal so that they can go on living like they have been.

Happy Squatch'n
Bob / lowrider