Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone out there in Squatchland!

Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with family and friends and don't forget our friends that live out in the forest. If you know of a nearby place that has definite Squatch activity going on and you have more Thanksgiving leftovers than you know what to do with then maybe you can take some of that food out to the woods and leave in an area where you are pretty certain the Squatches will find it. What a great way to brake the ice with these guys and maybe start some interaction with them. Maybe gradually over a period of time we can gain more and more trust from these creatures and be able to observe them in their natural habitat someday without them trying to be as elusive as they have been.

I started out writing this statement as a joke, the part about leaving them food, but thinking about it maybe it isn't such a bad idea??? Oh will... Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone anyways. God bless all... Squatches too.

Bob D / lowrider

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scientific Proof Of Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Here is a link to an archived online radio show called Bigfoot Busters Radio from October 31st, 2010. The host are Tim Stover from NE Ohio and Chuck Prahl from Maryland.

This show discusses upcoming scientific evidence for proof of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. It's almost a a 2 hour show. The first hour the guest is David Paulides and the second hour is Dr. Melba Ketchum.

David Pualides heads North American Bigfoot Search which can be found here...

He has also authored two books on Bigfoot. One titled "The Hoopa Project" and the other is titled "Tribal Bigfoot. Both are recent books and I have read both and do recommend them for good info on Squatches. Both books are about his research on these creatures.

David Paulides has been able to collect some physical tissue samples purported to be from Sasquatches and has had the DNA tested by Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Here's a link to some background on Dr. Ketchum...

An interesting guest called in during the second half of the show. It was Adrian Erickson who has been doing Sasquatch research for the last five years with a team of people. It is called the Erickson Project and involves Sasquatch video and DNA. He discusses some of what he has found and when his findings will be released to the public.

Dr. Ketchum has done the DNA research on the tissue samples for both David Paulides and Adrian Erickson and says she has tested other samples from different people across the country. She is a wildlife biologist and states on the show that she has no doubt at all about the existence of these creatures... she doesn't have to see one, the proof for her is in the DNA.

Here is a link to a short video by Adrian Erickson about his up coming documentary on his Bigfoot research.

I found this radio show very interesting because they talk about DNA evidence, video evidence and touch on some things that I agree with about Squatches. One thing Adrian Erickson said twice during the program is that these things don't need protection. They do just fine out there in the woods with out us having to jump on the band wagon and making all kinds of regulations concerning them. One thing I do think is important though is that when the time comes when these creatures are declared a scientifically recognized species is that it be made a crime to harm one in any way or kill one. I feel this is the only kind of law that needs to be passed to protect them. Just let them live and roam the way the are now and have been for who knows how long.

Another interesting thing that was said on the show, I think it was by A.E. , is that the population density of Squatches is higher than that of  Black Bears. This I don't find surprising and feel the same way. I base this on what I see and have learned out in the field. I've always said that these creatures do not need wilderness to live in. They may do better in rural areas like we have here in NE Ohio than in a wilderness because of the availability of food resources. In NE Ohio much of the land is a patchwork large wood plots and farms, there are many orchards that grow all kinds of varieties of fruits and berries. There are thousands of ponds, lakes, marshes and swamps. We have thousand of acres of parks and other protected lands. Much of the lands along the rivers, creeks and streams are wooded and protected. These offer excellent corridors for anything to use to travel along and stay hidden under the cover of night.

So if you have time listen to the radio show I posted the link to at the top of this rant. While you are at it check out some of the other archived shows on Bigfoot Busters Radio. Tim and Chuck have done an excellent job of getting some interesting and will known guest lined up for their show.

Now don't forget... " Never go Squatch'n alone, always take a friend along, someone you know you can out run".


Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Of My Stuff

Here's a link to "The Bigfoot Field Reporter" blog by my friend Sharon Lee. Every once in a while I send her an email with pictures and a report on stuff I find while out in the field Squatch'n.

The pics are all from an area about 5 miles from home. It is all tree sign. I know there are those folks out there that do believe Bigfoot exist but do not think any of the tree sign that people report are done by Squatches. I am pretty confident that Squatches do create stick and tree limb structures. I haven't actually witnessed a Squatch making anything but I have good reasons to believe this. I will get into that later.

I've heard people say no one has ever witnessed a Sasquatch creating a structure and that all these pics of structure people present are either made by humans or are a result of the weather and mother nature. The only thing I can say to this is show me the proof just as you would like to see proof from those of us that believe in Squatches creating tree sign.

 I don't have time right now to get into this any further but I will be getting into it later with pictures and some discussion. I do feel confident enough about my belief in this that in the future, that is after scientific evidence does prove their existence, that studies will prove Sasquatches do create tree structure.

 There are 3 different groups of people I know of that have been working very hard, spending a lot of time and money, using scientific methods and working with scientist on gathering physical and visual evidence. It is nothing that can be done overnight but takes a long time and that is what these groups have been doing. The scientific evidence that will prove the existence of these creatures is coming and hopefully not too far away. It could come in the spring of 2011 from maybe 2 of the 3 groups. One group says it's info will take a little more time to prepare for proper presentation.

I am not a scientist and don't try to be one. I learn what I can and document interesting stuff I find with pictures and notes. I do what I can in hopes of increasing my chances of actually seeing one of these creatures myself. Here is a quote I like from a women in Florida that was lucky enough to have a sighting herself.

"I am a well-educated woman, a professional and like a logical explanation to seemingly unexplainable things. This is not a story I tell my friends or family. But it is one that plays itself repeatedly in my mind, and when I hear people scoff at the notion of a giant, hairy, bipedal animal roaming the rural parts of the country, I keep quiet and I feel a little sorry for them. To believe in only what you have seen yourself seems a poorer existence. I cannot name my experience on the road that day, but I am fortunate, in a way, to have witnessed something truly remarkable."

Here is the link to the above quote. Please read it. It is a very interesting report.

A couple years ago while talking to a fellow Squatcher I started talking about tree sign I have seen. He can care less about tree sign and is positive that they don't do this. He stopped me and said I should be careful about that subject when talking to others about Squatches. I asked him why and he said people would think I'm crazy. I looked at him and said "Are you kidding me? They already think I'm crazy because I believe Squatches exist". So what difference does it make?

Till next time... keep on Squatch'n