Saturday, April 10, 2010

Better Off Left Alone

This is a little something that relates to my last post regarding whether Bigfoot/Sasquatches need Government protection or not. Here's a quote from a recent BFRO sighting report...

Her later reaction to the sighting was a feeling that she had been a witness to something profound. She told me… ‘We are missing something extraordinary. But I also feel that it (the creature she witnessed) is better off left alone, to go on and live it’s own life’.
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I like this. This is what I stated in my last post as far as just leaving them alone to continue on in their existence as they have been. This is from BFRO report #27250.

This is an interesting report that involves a women seeing an adult Bigfoot at first and then it picks up and carries a young one that was at it's side but was obscured from the witnesses view by the tall grass. Here is another quote from the witness...
I am a well-educated woman, a professional and like a logical explanation to seemingly unexplainable things. This is not a story I tell my friends or family. But it is one that plays itself repeatedly in my mind,and when I hear people scoff at the notion of a giant, hairy, bipedal animal roaming the rural parts of the country, I keep quiet and I feel a little sorry for them. To believe in only what you have seen yourself seems a poorer existence. I cannot name my experience on the road that day, but I am fortunate, in a way, to have witnessed something truly remarkable.
On the other hand here is a link to a women in Oregon that is doing her best to have these creatures recognized as new primate species. She has dug up an old report of a Bigfoot body that was found in Oregon in 1962. It was killed by a large tree that was blown down in a wind storm and was later discovered.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo:

This women would like to dig up the original Government report on this creature and any remains of it that may be stored away and use this to have these creatures scientifically and legally recognized as a new species. I know her intentions are good but I hope she is not successful in anyway.

Who knows what will happen if they are declared a new species. Maybe the Government will say that these things can only live in certain areas in order to protect logging, mining and oil drilling business interest. So if something like this should happen maybe they would be rounded up and forced on to reserves set up for them and the ones that can't be rounded up might be killed off.

My message here is be cautious and think hard about it before you go and try to get the government involved in these creatures lives. Is it going to benefit them or have the opposite effect? I've read enough old accounts and reports to believe that the Government has known about these creatures for quite some time and has just covered it up in the interest of big business.

As long as the Government denies any knowledge of the existence of these creatures they are able to roam about and live where ever they want and I'm hoping it stays that way for them.

 Bob / lowrider

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