Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bigfoot Ballyhoo

On Friday, August 20, 2010 I posted about a blog called Bigfoot Ballyhoo. I said there were some interesting things going on over there and boy was I right... things have gotten real interesting!

I'm talking about the part about a guy named Bill Emery that allegedly has some clear Bigfoot game cam pics that are/were supposed to be posted on that site. A while back one of his supposed game cam pics of a Bigfoot was posted as a taste of what was supposed to come. It was a pic of a blobsquatch in front of a big tree stump. The pic was badly pixelated. They said it was a little fuzzy. It was pixelated not fuzzy... there's a difference. Fuzzy implies out of focus. Pixelation happens when you blow up a section of a pic for a closer look at something and once it gets blown up so big you start getting those little squares and lose detail. Another way you get pixelation in a pic is you can purposely pixelate a part of or a whole pic with a picture editing program. This is done to obscure detail.

This pic was worthless as far as BF evidence goes. It was just a badly pixelated blobsquatch, big disappointment. I thought the owner of the pic might have done the pixelation in it so others would be discouraged from using it on other BF websites but wasn't sure. The heavy pixelation had me wondering what was going on.

A few days ago another alleged BF game cam pic from Bill Emery was posted for another taste of what is to come... once again another heavily pixelated pic. Linda, owner of the blog, calls it fuzzy. What the heck is going on here???

I posted a question over there about why the pixelation in these pics but it was ignored. I have two game cams and have never had that problem.

Not long after this latest pic went up a blog follower sent Linda a pic of a screen capture from a 1977 Bigfoot horror movie. She posted it saying she had to do it "in all fairness" which she did because if she didn't post it I'm sure that it would have popped up somewhere else on the Internet. It turns out that the latest Bigfoot game cam pic and the shot from the old Bigfoot movie are the same thing. The alleged BF game cam pic was from the movie, it was just reversed and pixelated on purpose to help hide details… obviously hoaxed!

So there are two worthless BF pics over there now. Blog followers started writing in comments questioning everything going on over there and screaming "hoax".

I can't take anything serious over there. If anyone that reads my blog has been following Bigfoot Ballyhoo because of my post about it and feels they wasted their time I have to apologize… “Sorry I recommended the site”. I was never sure of anything there just called it “interesting”. Now I go over there to have a look for entertainment purposes only... like when I need a laugh. The blog owner is posting all kinds of excuses for the hoaxed pic and there are some pretty funny comments from the blog readers.

Linda has been claiming Bill Emery has 3 very clear game cam Bigfoot pics that he was going to eventually send to Linda and she would have exclusive rights to post them on her blog. How could he have any clear pics when the 2 pics he supposedly sent to her from his game cam she posted are so pixelated???

Linda now claims Bill Emery is upset about the comments about him and his team and circus like atmosphere that has developed on her blog and has changed his mind about giving her any more pics to post. How convenient! This Bill Emery is also supposed to have other BF evidence like scat, blood, hair and prints. He was going to have Linda post about all this once he got lab reports and everything in order... ya, right!

I never heard of Bill Emery or the other 2 guys he is allegedly working with on this Bigfoot evidence. If you have followed Bigfoot Ballyhoo then you would know Linda writes and sells fictional Bigfoot story books for children. From what I have read over there from the beginning to the present time I am wondering if the whole story and the characters involved are nothing but fiction. I'm not saying it is, I don't know for sure but with the recent shenanigans going on I wonder. Linda advertises her books for sale on her blog, which is her right, but she also makes money on the blog advertisements, which is also her right. The more hits on her blog the more money she makes... easy money.

Maybe it isn't Linda's fault. She might have been duped by someone. Maybe Bill Emery is a real person and he was duped like the excuse posted at Bigfoot Ballyhoo. Who knows but the truth will come out.

Like I said this is an interesting, ongoing story over there but I recommend it for entertainment purposes only.

Until next time, keep on Squatch'n,
Bob / lowrider


  1. Well said Bob.I quit following that blog.Steve Kulls has done some further investigative work and has come up with some interesting things which has caused her to delete at least one post.

  2. Well Bob it looks like Autumn Williams has blown the top off this case (Not that it was already in trouble!).


  3. Thanks for that info Rick! This story just keeps getting better and better. Ballyhooooooo on!!!

  4. Bill Emery is a real person. Bill Emery and now late, Hank Parchell, saw and their gam cam photographed a bigfoot that they named Big Clyde. It is now 19 months since it happened. We note the anniversary date each month of the "discovery." Emery stopped posting since there was nothing but trouble from it. This sighting happened on Aug. 8, 2010. We wait for more information. From time to time someone will post something about the team. Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo